How does it work ?

With, it’s possible to quickly and easily find a date that works for everyone to organize an event !


Create a Distime to find the best date for your event.


Invite your friends to join the Distime with a simple link to send.


Join a Distime and share your availability!


Validate a date after reviewing the availability of your guests.


Save time! With just a few clicks, you can validate the best common date for your next event.

  • User-friendly

    Our application is registration-free for your first 2 Distimes !

  • Collaborative editing

    Each participant can access the Distime on their smartphone and online to edit their availability.

  • Notifications

    Distime will notify you if any of your friends add, edit, or delete their availability.

  • Share the invitation with your participants

    Simply click on the link sent to you. Download the app and slide on the calendar to indicate your availability.
    Works without registration.

  • Works without registration

    It is possible to join 2 Distimes without registration.

  • Set the final date !

    Set a final date based on the received responses, and everyone will be informed of the fixed date.


William, a second-year engineering student at INP Grenoble, along with four friends and active members of their Student Union, envisions the Distime application. While pursuing his studies, William works on shaping the application with the help of a business angel. The idea is born! Finally, an application that allows for easily setting the best date to organize various events with the Student Union, as well as with friends and family.


Whether it’s organizing a birthday party, a vacation with friends, a gathering at a bar with colleagues, or simply a sports event, it’s always the organizer who faces the challenge of setting the date. How can you ensure that the chosen date maximizes the number of participants ?

“I encountered this problem on a daily basis when organizing events for the student life in Grenoble. However, it was when we had to find a day to gather the 27 members of the Student Union for the group photo that the nightmare began and the idea of Distime was born. How can one not lose their mind when the opinions and distracting messages from 27 people intertwine in a group conversation like WhatsApp or Messenger ? Obviously, the outcome is often the same: the organizer arbitrarily sets a date, thinking it will satisfy the majority. So, you can imagine that the official photo of the Student Union was inevitably incomplete.”

Based on this realization, we want to help you organize your events for free. So, let’s get together ! Who’s available ?

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Do you have any questions about our Distime application ?

If it’s your first or second Distime, you don’t need to log in to access it. Otherwise, you can log in using your email address, Gmail, Apple ID, or Facebook by clicking on “Log in” on the initial screen.

Go to your event and click on the “…” icon located at the top right of the event title.A menu will appear with options such as “Edit” and “Share”. Click on “Edit”.You can now make the desired changes to your event.

After making the changes, click on “Next” to proceed to the next steps.
Finally, click on “Update” to save and validate your modifications.

Go to your Distime and click on “Set one or more dates.”

Next, click on the selected dates in the drop-down banner where you can see the participants. Once you have chosen the date(s), click on “Validate.”

Once the date is validated, a notification will be sent to your guests directly through the Distime application.

Click on the yellow circle with your initials at the top right corner, then click on the last button “Supprimer mon compte” (Delete my account) at the bottom of the screen.

Do you have any more questions ?
Please go ahead and ask your question, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

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